I'm Dan Feldman. I attended school at Parsons, The New School for Design for a BFA in Communication Design. Recently I’ve been freelancing at some great studios, including Center Design and Gin Lane. I’ve also been accepting limited personal clients under my company, Trapezoid Studio. For the time being however, I’m hard at work building an amazing startup with the team at Juxtapose.

My passion for design began during my freshman year of high school in my introduction to computer graphics class, and I still possess this same level of passion to date.

Funneling my design skills into anything possible, I have always been at home amongst the most diverse design challenges that have been thrown at me. I appreciate good typography the way some may appreciate finely aged wine, or Cuban cigars. Alternatively, when my mind is not wrapped around design, I enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, golf, and of course, spending time with humans (I'm not a robot).

As a conceptual thinker, I believe in creating things that matter, not just things that look nice. I refuse to cut corners, and I am meticulous in following a vision for everything I create. Beyond being a designer, I pride myself as a problem solver.

So, what do you want to make together?

Personal Thoughts:

Sometimes getting the right answer is like shooting at a moving target... except there is no target... and you don’t have a gun...
I could care less about that movie you told me to watch on netflix, unless the opening credits are really cool.
Bad kerning is what keeps me up at night.
Tea is just grilled water with leafs’ in it.
Pushing pixels is my workout regiment.
The ROI for an igloo home on AirBNB would be insane
Thinking outside the box? There is no box, just think.